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Pyramids - 4 in a Row

Spheres - Get to Zero

Cubes - Flashcard Game

Cylinders - Greedy Pig

Welcome to 2015 in Room 1!

There are lost of exciting new Beneath the Surface items on the Inquiry page!

Add to our padlet about movie making!
And here too!

Wahine Rangatira

This Friday's complete run-through.

Here is Dennis performing Toia Mai and Wahine Rangatira. Try to learn the words and actions!

World cup mascots:
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Weather Webquest

Ariki Cup - Senior run-off

Bucket song video

And the words are here!

Assembly Performance


Year 6 First Aid with Phil
Here's the song we are practicing for assembly

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Tahuna 2013.jpg

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Check out our writing page to see some of the awesome books we published last term!

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Fire walking.jpg

In Room 1 we have been busy learning a variety gym routines that we will be performing at the Gym Festival later this term. For Writing we have been looking at "writing to entertain" and focusing on adventure stories. So far we have learnt about how to include a good hook at the beginning of our writing and how to write a good character description. Some actives we enjoyed this week were sorting hooks into effective and not effective hooks and looking at a variety of characters and brainstorming interesting descriptions for them. We were also very excited to finish our class novel "holes" this week, we are now watching the movie to find the similarities and differences between the movie and the book.

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It was a very fun day in the senior school yesterday. The children who weren't participating in the Palmerston Sports Exchange enjoyed a creative ICT and science day with Miss Hubac and Mrs McKeever. They spent the morning making fancy magazine pages on the laptops and experimenting with circuits in a science rotation.
In the afternoon they used the iPads to create exciting movie trailers. The teachers were very impressed with their great team work and drama skills. Some children created a trailer for an action movie and others chose different genres such as horrors and fairy tales.

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Learning Environments Inquiry
Throughout the term we have been learning all about the different types of learning and what a good learning environment needs to be like. In groups some of the children have created these google forms to find out about the learning types and needs in our classroom. We are going to be analysing the results and using them to make decisions about how we need to set up our learning environment for next term

Camp Movie

Below is the camp movie that the Year 6 students created to show you what we got up to at camp. Hope you enjoy!!

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Friday 1st March
Today we finally completed our self portraits, They look fantastic!! we created these with vivid an water colour. Check out our art page to have a look at our masterpieces :)

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Thursday 28th February
This week in Room 1 we have been working together in groups for inquiry to find out what we already know about good learning environments. We have been looking at different things that have an impact on our learning and deciding how much of an affect things such as time, temperature, sound, light and music can have on how we learn. We have also completed some questionnaires online to help each other work out whether we learn best buy seeing, hearing, or doing things!

For statistics we have begun our independent statistics investigations. We are using the statistics investigation process to help us collect, sort, present then analyse our data.
Camp movies pic.jpg

The year 6 students have finished creating their camp movies. We will post the movie online as soon as it has been pieced together!!!

Monday 4th February
Kia ora every one and welcome to Room 1 :) I hope you all had a fantastic summer break, I can't wait to hear all about it over the next couple of days.
This is a very important year for all of you and your leadership responsibilities start from today! You are going to be excellent leaders this year, it is important to make the most of every opportunity and always strive to be the best you can be.
Be prepared for an exciting learning journey this year!
Miss H