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how the circulatory system works

Introduction :
Blood needs to be all around your body for you to survive. But it cannot just trickle down to your toes. Blood is pumped around the body. I will tell you how.

Description of parts :
The heart is very important to the human body. Without it the circulatory would be like butter for butter and bread.Also without your heart blood would just trickle down into your toes.The heart is like two pumps. Its job is to pump blood through veins and to take blood back from the arteries.

Veins and arteries :
Veins and arteries are like miniscule tubes that blood is pumped into

Blood :
Blood is a red liquid that consists mainly of plasma.Blood needs to be pumped all around the body for you to survive

How it works :

Before each beat, the heart opens causing blood to fill the heart. 20% of the blood goes to the lungs making it oxygen rich .Oxygen rich means the blood has oxygen in it. That 20% now is pumped through the veins up to the brain. The other blood with no oxygen goes to every other part of the body. Then the arteries carry the blood back to the heart and the process starts again.


The circulatory system is very important to the human body.It helps refresh blood and keep it pumping around the body so it stays all around the body.Blood keeps you warm and 20% has to be pumped to the brain.