Thursday 2nd feb
Hi,I am Dayna
Today is the second day of school in Room1, My teacher is lovely,Miss Hubac!
I am really enjoying being part of Grants Braes!!!
wednesday 22nd febThroughout the week Room 1 have been working on statistics by picking a topic that was supplied by the class, about our school lunches. My two person group had been collecting muslei bar wrappers and boxes. We then looked up on the back the saturated and unsaturated fat along with sugar. Our results were facinating,we are now producing good copies on A3 and A4 paper , placing our graphs that we hand made or used the ipads. Our twosome is almost finished and ready to place our results on the wall!!!!
Today the 28th of FebRoom one watched a Magic Bus movie, envolving the muscles and how the muscle system works. The whole class learnt some useful info!