Hi my name is Eden my friends in year 6 are... all the girls in the class :P My favourite sport is swiming. I have a family of 5 My mum's name is Greer my dad's name is Wayne my brother's name is Morgan and my sister's name is Brenna.
This is my myth it is called why earth has water

The Goddess of Ice strolled threw her kingdom thinking how proud she was of her frosty wonderland. One day in a far away kingdom the ruler was not happy with his kingdom, he was getting bored of the same old place that he had lived in for years and years. This ruler was called the God of Fire, the God of Fire decided that he would go on a journey to find a new kingdom. The day had come for the God of Fire to go on a search for a new kingdom. First the God of Fire travelled to the land of plants he thought out loud and questioned “ who would want a tip like this for their home?” he looked around at all the bushes and flowers, he added “ and who would like flowers? not me” and with that he sizzled the flowers to a burnt crisp.

One day the Goddess of Ice was watching all the children of the kingdom of ice ice skate, she zoomed in on one little girl called Pixie she was giggling with her friends, behind the little girl the Goddess of Ice could see red she knew that something was not right so she put her ice skates on and skated across the river and walked over to a tall man he was making orders to the people around him, his long coat looked like it was made out of a sea serpents skin. “ push down that terrible castle and turn it into my gloomy volcano castle and that ice moat will be gone by tomorrow and will be replaced with a new lava moat.” he ordered, the Goddess of Ice
interrupted with “ excuse me but no no no this is my kingdom not yours!” The God of Fire told the Goddess of Ice “soon this will be my new vacation kingdom I will replace all of these buildings and put in new volcanos and better things.” The Goddess of Ice did not like the sound of the new kingdom at all so she stormed out of the castle towards the God of Fire, her long blond hair swayed in the wind she was as beautiful as a fairy, her long gown moved like a swan in water. “ Why do you think that any fire kingdom would be any better than my ice wonderland?” the God of Fire became very angry he yelled at her in rage “ I will show you why it IS better than your fancy ice wonderland and tomorrow we will travel to my kingdom and I will show you why my kingdom is better.” So the next morning they met each other at the ice skating lake “ are you ready to go?” the God of Fire questioned, the Goddess of Ice snapped
“yes lets go.” When they reached the land of plants the Goddess of Ice exclaimed “ what a lovely place” the God of Fire laughed “ I thought this place was a tip” “ lets move on” the goddess of ice said in anger. They kept on walking until they got to the kingdom of fire. The God of Fire took the Goddess of Ice around his kingdom.” And last but not at all least my volcano castle”, the volcano castle was leaking lava the colour of a fire engine. “And that is why I think my kingdom is better than yours” the God of Fire finished with, the Goddess of Ice was in a rage “ that is no reason for a kingdom to be better, anyway I have a way we could settle this. we could have a battle we could use our powers against each other and whoever wins the battle their kingdom is better.” The god of Fire liked this idea, alot so he agreed “ I think this is a good idea.” The goddess of Ice was happy “ it shall be at the land of plants and it will be tomorrow” and they shook on it.
the next day the Goddess of Ice got up and gathered all the people from her kingdom and they all traveled to the land of plants, when they got there the people from the kingdom of fire were already there. The God of Fire and the Goddess of Ice were standing far apart. A young lady stepped forward and yelled “let the battle begin!” The Goddess of Ice pushed a ball of ice out of her hands and at the God of Fire, zoom he dodged out of the way of the ice ball, crash! the ice ball hit a large gloomy tree and shattered into millions of pieces then fell on the ground. “Ha” the God of Fire laughed at the ice’s state, he shot flames out of his hands, whoosh the flames flew past the Goddess of Ice’s head. The Goddess of Ice giggled at his pitiful throw. At the same time they used their powers whoosh, all went silent BAM a huge flood of water came rushing, the water was sooo strong that it pushed the ground down and eventually it made a dam. All the people were amazed the God of Fire and the Goddess of ice were sick of fighting so they became good friends, plus if anyone got bored of their kingdom they could go to the land of plants to take a break and enjoy the new wonderful creation. And that is how water came to earth.
The respiratory system


Your respiratory system is your breathing system. It allows you to breathe. It pumps air through body. If you did not have your respiratory system you could not live.

Description of parts

The first parts are the nose and the mouth. The next part is your trachea the trachea is a pipe that connects to your lungs. The lungs are next, they are big bags that hold air. The heart is in your chest, it pumps air and blood around your body. The alveoli are in your lungs. Your alveoli is a small part of your respiratory system.

How It Works

This is how your respiratory system works. First off the air goes in your mouth or nose, then it travels down your windpipe. Eventually the air goes into your lungs. It travels around your lungs for a while. Once it has been in your lungs for a while it travels to the heart, then transfers back to the lungs again then the alveoli take the air and suck out the oxygen, then the oxygen goes into the blood stream and then it goest to all the places in the body that needs it.


If you did not have your respiratory system you could not live. another reason why it is so important is because it helps other systems. By Eden

this is a piece of my writing
When the little girl tapped on the window repeditivily tapped on the glass window the creature just stared back at her. After a while of tapping the girls mum came over and said "leave the poor thing alone!" when her mother left she smilied at the young frog and she almost saw a smile back. :P
Today we watched the magic school bus and the muscles and how they work they work.